Think About Your Life Quotes

  • When everything feels bigger than you, you’ve got to become bigger than anything.
  • You purchased her crown, but she ain’t your queen.
  • Everything may be a reflection and an extension of you.
  • No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and therefore the person you become. nobody can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are not any maps of the change. you only begin the opposite side. otherwise, you don’t.
  • Like an old habit, I still pray for you.
  • You, who are the start to my most beautiful endings.
  • A part of me will always belong to the ocean. a neighborhood of me will always be the ocean.
  • When the ocean calls, the guts explode.
  • He laughed “My darling, you’ll never be unloved by me, you’re too well tangled in my soul.”
  • You always remember, you only learn to abandon.
  • We lost each-other within the million words we never said, within the million hugs we never gave. We lost each other in our “forever”, then within the end, if you think that about it, there’ll be, we didn’t lie, “forever” without each-other.
  • The only answer is thru.

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