7 foods women over 50 should add to their diet asap

50 years is that the age when much has already been achieved, children have grown up, there are career and an honest family, experience, and wisdom. What about health? Could we maintain it? the way to strengthen the body after 50 to feel good for an extended time?

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It is necessary to require care of healthy eating because we get all the useful substances from food. With age, both within the body of a lady and the body of a person metabolic processes and energy consumption are reduced, so it’s necessary to carefully monitor your diet and reduce the entire calorie content of the food.

Women have menopause at this age, leading to decreased production of estrogen, and this will cause weight gain and osteoporosis. during this regard, a woman’s diet after 50 years should be balanced, low in calories, but at an equivalent time, there should be all the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals (especially calcium). you ought to include these 7 foods to your diet:

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