Shantala – Baby Massage

Massage is the art of playing with quality, providing the body with well-being. 

Shantala is an Indian massage technique in which parents stretch and move the baby’s muscles and joints.

These movements can be performed on the chest, arms, hands, belly, legs, feet, face, and back.

The Shantala brings nineteen exercises, each benefiting a part of the body, the goal is to bring balance and harmony to the baby.

From the first month, it is already possible to stimulate the baby through touch.

What are the benefits of Shantala?

There are many benefits of the technique, starting with improving communication and strengthening the bond with the mother or whoever is doing the massage, as the process benefits both the child and those who are interacting with her.

Discover how to bond with your baby through massage.

Making noise for the child, looking at his face and smiling, all of this makes the baby happier and more intelligent, and he consequently sleeps, feeds and learns more easily.

Here are some more benefits:

* Improves sleep quality, providing greater peace of mind

* Helps to calm colic and constipation

* Increases body awareness

* Strengthens the immune system

* Provides the feeling of relaxation

* Improves the digestive system

* It is excellent for the circulatory and lymphatic systems as it activates the local blood circulation

* Relieves tensions and anxieties

* Improvement in neurological development (psychomotor)

* Tones muscles;

* Improves the respiratory system

* Promotes baby’s harmony with the outside world

* Assists in reducing stress during teething

The whole process usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes. It is something that can be done smoothly during the week.

The father and mother must be present at the moment of the practice, as, as already reported, the massage increases and creates a strong bond with the baby, and nothing better than the two of you enjoying this beautiful moment together with your puppy.

To help you learn this technique and put it into practice today, I recommend the course

Shantala – Online massage course for babies

 You will have access to video lessons taught the step by step of Shantala massage.

 From the preparation of the environment, choice of oil, position, music, to the detailed description of each step and each movement, including detailed plans so that there is no doubt.

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