At that moment when you baby, you had colic or reflux and on my stomach or back, you calmed down.

Ces moments où je te montre l’écharpe et tu souris, je te monte sur le dos et tu rires sur tout ton visage pendant que je t’introduis, tu as l’air si fier.

At those moments when you are hiking and discovering the world from so high up on my back.

At those moments that might be trivial, but are magical because you are against me.

At those rush hour moments in transportation where I am comfortable without a stroller and you are comfortable high up.

At those moments when I doubt my role as a mother for a quarter of a second and you, baby against me, remind me of my choices and their benefits.

At those moments when I take care of the big one, while meeting your needs and those of your brother.

At those moments also when my knot is not perfect, but you are so good against me. Où je t’entends faire “areuh”, des bruits avec ta bouche pendant que je marche.

At those times when I’m busy doing what I have to do, you’re safe on my back.

Ces instants magiques de chaque instant transportés, qui passent et qui ne reviendront pas car c’est ainsi que la vie se passe.

Ce moment où tu ne voudras plus être porté, tout comme ton frère avant toi (même si parfois il remonte encore), ce moment où je serais fier car porter t’aurait rendu si heureux.

At those moments that I keep preciously inside me of your brother and you, carried, leaving to discover the world.

All these moments mean that no, babywearing is not a fad, but a tool that relieves me, that fills you up.

Because babywearing is at the same time for the bond, the hugs, the practical side…

At these moments, for every situation I will not forget.

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