At birth, a baby is still immature on the neuromotor level. It is therefore very important to carry him/her well in your arms. If you don’t hold him well, it can be uncomfortable. For example, if your baby’s head is always turned to the same side or leaning sideways on your arm, or if his body is propped up, he may develop a torticollis. Poor posture can also make him nervous, as it can be painful.

But sometimes parents are worried when they hold their baby in their arms. He’s so small and seems so fragile that they’re afraid of hurting him.

The most important thing is to make sure that the baby’s head is always in line with his body to hold him properly. A good position is good for him… and for you, because it doesn’t ankylose you. It allows him to remain calm and relaxed, to be in contact with you and to feel safe in your arms.

Here are four good ways to carry baby so he feels good.

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